Puppy Socialisation

At Suffolk Dog Town, we believe that every dog deserves the best possible support and guidance in life. That’s why we offer professional & fun weekly puppy socialisation sessions, led by a qualified puppy class trainer in association with Whistle & Wag designed to get your pup on the right track. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun playdate or a structured course, we’ve got you covered. With our half-day socialisation sessions and 4-week puppy training course, your pup can get the best of both worlds. All this fun and education will help them to become a well-rounded and happy dog, ready for all the adventures life has to offer!

Puppy Socialisation Sessions

Our weekly puppy socialisation sessions are the perfect opportunity for your pup to learn essential social skills while playing, having fun, and most importantly, making friends! Your puppy will love learning how to interact, play, and share toys with other dogs at our gentle playdates, helping them grow into a perfectly well-mannered pooch!

Your pup will have plenty of time to get used to their new surroundings before being introduced to other calm, quiet dogs of a similar energy and encouraged to take part in some gentle play. We use canine enrichment games, such as snuffle mats and brain games, to encourage positive interactions and friendly, playful behaviour. Rest assured, our highly qualified team is always on hand to supervise and make sure everyone is having fun!

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Half Day Session - £26.00

Our puppy socialisation sessions are strictly mornings only – drop them off between 8am and 9am and pick them up at lunchtime after their fun-filled morning (this also helps with separation anxiety)! All puppies must be fully vaccinated, including for Kennel Cough. 

Benefits of Puppy Socialisation

Confidence Building

Exposing your puppy to new people, dogs, and environments in a controlled and positive setting will boost their confidence, helping them feel more secure in new situations and less fearful of new things.

Social skills

Socialisation sessions are the perfect way for your puppy to meet other dogs and learn how to appropriately greet, play, and interact with them. They’ll make new friends and develop great social skills along the way!

A Happy & Well-Mannered Pup!

Puppy socialisation sessions provide great opportunities for physical and mental stimulation, ensuring your pup stays happy and healthy, and helping them become a friendly, well-rounded adult.

Why Choose Suffolk Dog Town

At Suffolk Dog Town, we understand that bringing home a new puppy is a thrilling experience, but also, that comes with its fair share of challenges. With our puppy socialisation sessions and training classes, you can rest assured that your pup will get the education and socialisation they need to grow into a happy, healthy, and polite doggy. 

Fully Licensed & Insured

Suffolk Dog Town adheres to strict DEFRA legislation and regulations at all times. Your dog's safety is always of paramount importance to us. We have a 5 Star Licence from our local Babergh Council (the best you can get - something we are very proud of!); Licence Number LN/000001129.

5-Star Rated

Our 5-star reviews show how much our daycare family loves Suffolk Dog Town. Check out our Google reviews to see why dogs all over Suffolk are wagging their tails with glee at the thought of visiting us!

Professionally Trained Staff

All Suffolk Dog Town staff are trained to a minimum of Levels 2 in Animal Care & Welfare Management and are fully certified in Canine First Aid. Our management team’s qualifications include Human First Aid and Level 3 Canine Behaviour and Welfare.

Endless Fun & Activities

With 4500 sqft of bespoke playrooms for your dog to enjoy, there is never a dull moment at Suffolk Dog Town! There’s friends to be made, games to be played and no end to the fun your dog will have with us.

A Passion for Dogs

Every member of our team has a genuine love for dogs, regardless of size or breed. We promise to welcome you and your pup to our daycare family with open arms, and treat your dog the same way we would our own.

Special Events

We regularly host exciting events and puppy parties to keep your pooch entertained - fun for all the family! Our daycare centre is also available for hire, so you can book a private party for your dog and all their friends.

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Please note, all puppies must be fully vaccinated before joining us.

Puppy Socialisation & Training FAQs

Yes! Puppy training classes are absolutely necessary for your puppy’s growth and development. Not only do they teach basic commands and obedience, but they also provide socialisation opportunities for your pup to interact with other dogs and people, helping prevent behavioural issues and ensuring your pup grows into a well-behaved, happy doggy! 

At Suffolk Dog Town, we understand the importance of puppy training and offer both professional training classes and socialisation sessions. Led by our qualified and experienced trainers, our puppy sessions use positive reinforcement methods to make training fun and effective. We also provide a safe and supervised environment for your pup to socialise with other dogs. Contact us on 01473 743737 to find out more, or book above! 

Puppy socialisation classes are a great way to introduce your puppy to new sights, sounds, and other dogs in a controlled and safe environment, helping them develop confidence and social skills. These classes also provide an opportunity for your puppy to learn how to interact and play safely and appropriately with other dogs, which is crucial for their overall development and well-being.

At Suffolk Dog Town, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and positive environment for puppies to socialise and learn. Our experienced and qualified trainers, ensures all puppies are introduced to new experiences in a gradual and supportive way, so you can have peace of mind knowing your puppy is in the best possible hands! Come and join us at Suffolk Dog Town today!

Puppy training classes teach a variety of important skills to both puppies and their owners. From basic commands such as sit, stay, and come, to more advanced skills such as loose leash walking and emergency stops, puppy training classes cover a wide range of topics that will help your pup grow into a well-behaved and well-rounded dog.Training classes also provide an opportunity for socialisation and exposure to new people, places, and other dogs, which can help prevent behavioural issues down the road.

At Suffolk Dog Town, we offer top-rated puppy training classes led by our accredited instructors. With small class sizes and a positive reinforcement-based approach, we provide a safe and fun learning environment for both you and your pup. We also offer weekly puppy socialisation sessions, giving your puppy the chance to make new friends, develop their social skills and reach their full potential!  

Puppy training classes can vary in cost depending on the location, trainer, and course length. On average, a 4-week course in the UK can cost anywhere from £50-£150. Some trainers may also offer individual sessions or package deals. It’s important to keep in mind that investing in your puppy’s training is not only beneficial for them, but it can also save you money in the long run by preventing potential behaviour issues that may require more expensive training in the future.

If you’re looking for affordable, professional puppy training classes in Suffolk, look no further than Suffolk Dog Town! Our 4-week course costs just £90 and is led by a highly-qualified trainer. Using positive reward-based methods, we make training fun, kind and effective; your pup will be so excited to attend their next class! 

Give us a call on 01473 743737 for more information or book in above.

When it comes to puppy training, the earlier the better! As soon as your pup is fully vaccinated, they’re ready to start learning and socialising. Many trainers recommend starting classes as early as 8-10 weeks old, as this is when puppies are most receptive to new experiences; soaking up everything around them like sponges and learning at an incredible rate. By starting early, you’ll be giving your pup a head start on learning important skills and behaviours.

Puppies are welcome to join the family at Suffolk Dog Town as soon as they’re 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated (they must have both sets of vaccinations, including Kennel Cough). Our popular puppy training classes and puppy socialisation sessions are the perfect way for your pup to develop their social skills and become a confident, well-rounded doggy!