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The place where dogs love to be!

The place where dogs love to be!

The place where dogs love to be!

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Formerly Ipswich Dog Daycare Creche

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Daycare, Groomers & More!

Our friendly dog daycare provides everything your dog needs for a fun-filled day out, all under one roof. From puppy training and photography to grooming and, of course, our much-loved daycare creche, our professional team guarantee that your dog will have an amazing time with us. At the end of the day, you can even treat your pup to something from our boutique!

Friendly Doggy
Daycare in Suffolk

At Suffolk Dog Town, our qualified staff are always on hand to attend to your dog’s every need. Whether giving relaxing dog spa treatments or entertaining in our doggy daycare, our friendly, dedicated team make sure every member of the family receives the same love and care as they would at home. We’ll care for your pup as if they were our own, giving you peace of mind that you’ve left them in the best possible hands. 

You can go about your day worry-free, knowing that your dog is in a safe, fun and loving environment with endless cuddles and snuggles from our dog-loving carers. When you choose our family-run doggy daycare, you can be confident that you’re making the best choice for your pup. 

What We Offer:

As Suffolk’s leading dog daycare centre, we offer a range of services designed to keep your dog happy and entertained throughout the day. No matter what you choose, you can trust your pup will be excited to come through our doors, whether for their first or fiftieth time!

Dog Daycare Creche

Ensure your dog gets the exercise and socialisation they need with a fun-filled day (or half day!) at our doggy daycare. They’ll love playing with their new friends in our 4500 sqft bespoke playrooms, with agility equipment, toys, balls, paddling pools, sandpits and much much more. Your dog will have the time of their life at our daycare creche.

Dog & Puppy Training

We believe that every dog deserves proper support and guidance. In partnership with Whistle & Wag Dog Training, we offer comprehensive dog and puppy training for pups of all ages. Our positive reward-based approach reinforces good behaviour and support’s your dog’s well-being.

Puppy Socialisation

Our weekly puppy socialisation sessions are the perfect way to get your puppy used to other dogs from an early age. Allowing them to mix with other doggies during our gentle playdates ensures they get a balanced and educated start in life.

Dog Grooming

A clean and well-groomed doggy is a happy doggy, so get your pup looking and smelling amazing with a trip to our grooming spa. Our experienced groomers will keep your dog relaxed and content throughout the process, so they’ll be excited to return for their next treatment.

Dog Photoshoots

Capture your pooch's personality with a fun photography session. Our doggy photoshoots are a great way to capture that pawfect image , making your images totally unique and personal. Something to treasure forever!

Why Choose Our
Dog Daycare Services

Fully Licensed & Insured

Suffolk Dog Town adheres to strict DEFRA legislation and regulations at all times. Your dog's safety is always of paramount importance to us. We have a 5 Star Licence from our local Babergh Council (the best you can get - something we are very proud of!); Licence Number LN/000001129.

5-Star Rated

Our 5-star reviews show how much our daycare family loves Suffolk Dog Town. Check out our Google reviews to see why dogs all over Suffolk are wagging their tails with glee at the thought of visiting us!

Professionally Trained Staff

All Suffolk Dog Town staff are trained to a minimum of Levels 2 in Animal Care & Welfare Management and are fully certified in Canine First Aid. Our management team’s qualifications include Human First Aid and Level 3 Canine Behaviour and Welfare.

Endless Fun & Activities

With 4500 sqft of bespoke playrooms for your dog to enjoy, there is never a dull moment at Suffolk Dog Town! There’s friends to be made, games to be played and no end to the fun your dog will have with us.

A Passion for Dogs

Every member of our team has a genuine love for dogs, regardless of size or breed. We promise to welcome you and your pup to our daycare family with open arms, and treat your dog the same way we would our own.

Special Events

We regularly host exciting events and puppy parties to keep your pooch entertained - fun for all the family! Our daycare centre is also available for hire, so you can book a private party for your dog and all their friends.

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Existing Customers

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New Customers

If you’ve not visited us before, please use the form below and we’ll get in touch. We can’t wait to welcome you to Suffolk Dog Town! 

Please note, dogs looking to join our daycare creche will be required to take a temperament test to ensure their suitability. We temperament test all dogs over the age of six months.

All new grooming clients must complete our T&Cs form prior to your pooch’s pamper. 


There’s no doubt that there are a number of benefits to taking your dog to a doggy daycare. These include safe, friendly socialisation, relief from stress and boredom, prevention of destructive behaviour, and increased exercise (not to mention the fun activities and cuddles!).

Here at Suffolk Dog Town, we require all dogs over the age of six months to take a temperament test before they join our doggy daycare creche. This is to ensure they’d be happy spending a full or half day with us – away from their owners and interacting with other dogs. Even if you find your pup wouldn’t be a good fit for joining our daycare creche, we’re sure they’d love a trip to the grooming salon or a treat from our boutique!

The cost of sending your dog to a doggy daycare will vary depending on the location, facilities available and the centre you choose, but the average rate is typically between £20-£40 per dog per day. 

A full 10-hour day of fun at Suffolk Dog Town costs just £30, or £23 for a morning half-day. We offer a range of package deals at discounted rates, further discounts for 2-dog families and allow early drop-off and late pick-up at an additional charge. Please visit our daycare creche page to see our full daycare pricing information, or visit our dog grooming page for prices.

Dogs are naturally social animals that love to play in a pack and make new canine friends! Doggy daycare provides the perfect environment for your dog to meet and spend time with other dogs of various sizes and breeds, giving them confidence and allowing them to burn off energy. It is the ideal environment to start socialising your young puppy and introduction to the daycare creche environment should be encouraged from as young an age as possible. As soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated they can join our daycare family!

It’s crucial to start socialising your dog as early as possible in life, so, at Suffolk Dog Town, we also offer puppy socialisation sessions to get your pup used to other dogs from an early age. With fun weekly playdates, we make sure your puppy gets off to the best start in life, so they can join the pack in our daycare creche as soon as they’re ready.

We recommend waiting until your puppy is at least 12 weeks old before taking them to daycare. They must be fully vaccinated with both sets of vaccinations, including Kennel Cough, before they can start socialising with other dogs. 

If you have a fully vaccinated puppy older than 12 weeks, you can join the family at Suffolk Dog Town straight away! All new puppies are introduced slowly, using a puppy pen and separate playrooms. When they first join us, we recommend puppies only play for half a day, building up to a full day of fun when they’re ready.

Alongside attending our daycare creche, your puppy can also join one of our professional puppy socialisation sessions and training classes. These provide the perfect opportunity for your pup to learn good behaviour and how to socialise with other dogs, ensuring your pooch gets on the right path in life as soon as possible!

Dogs are naturally pack animals, so the majority are playful and happy socialising at a doggy daycare. Most dogs love making new furry friends, and younger pups can learn so much from the older, daycare veterans. However, dog daycare isn’t suitable for everyone, which is why dogs over the age of six months must take a temperament test before they are allowed to attend. Dogs with any aggressive tendencies will not be allowed in a daycare environment. 

At Suffolk Dog Town, we create a safe, loving environment for dogs to play and socialise. However, we recognise that all dogs have different personalities and energy levels. We have two large playrooms which we use to split the ‘pack’ up into groups with different energy levels. 

We don’t split the daily pack into ‘big’ dogs and ‘little’ dogs, like some daycare centres do, as it’s essential for dogs to mix with all sizes and breeds. If you keep all smaller breeds together they will not learn how to safely interact with the larger breeds. This has proven very useful when introducing and educating smaller breeds like chihuahuas and dachshunds. They soon learn that bigger, well-balanced dogs are not a threat and become less yappy and excitable around big dogs; something many owners of smaller breeds may struggle with!